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The Moulding Group was founded and established by Craig Bottel back in 2008. The artistry of the business comes from the creative mind of Craig. After visiting with potential clients, he sits down and begins to sketch out a design. The transition of that design to a finished product is always one of Craig’s most cherished points of his business. Craig has cultivated this craft and turned it into not just a kitchen, a bar, or a living room wall unit, but a piece of art that compliments and completes a person’s home. The technique behind these drawings has adapted over the years as Craig has built this business from the ground up. The pencil gliding across the paper becomes the spray of the lacquer coating the surface of a piece of wood; and life is given to his idea by the talented individuals who now help Craig develop and construct a client’s project. The journey into wood-working began at a very young age for Craig. He loved the simple construction of a wooden birdhouse with his father. As he entered into early adulthood, he procured a job at a mill company processing doors. Eventually, Craig took a path that lead him to his current business, which has evolved over the years. Craig takes his business very seriously, working closely with each individual client to get exactly what they are envisioning. Craig’s relationship with his clients is a key part of why the business is what it is today. He has honed in on a particular form of customer service and when the final piece is nailed into the project, the clients can see the craftsmanship of someone passionate and responsive to their ideas.


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